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Other services

Heat treatment

Through to our own FOERSTER KOERZIMAT ® we are able to measure and document the magnetic field intensity of the (coercivity filed intensity) of the annealed parts. This allows us to carry out a corresponding final inspection of your parts or a check of the drawing specification.


Surface treatment / bulk material

All from one sources! – This needs, if necessary, a optimum surface treatment for your products. Due to our geographical location in Pforzheim, there are a large number of galvanizing companies and other factories for the refining of parts in our immediate vicinity. They has gained an excellent reputation in recent decades due to the worldwide known location of the jewelery and watch industry.

We use this great know-how for your products and ensure a quality standard at the highest level.


Surface treatment / Reel to reel plating

Because of our efficient partner we are capable to coat the raw material as full band or as pre-cut band. This can optionally be done over the entire surface or selectively. This gives us the oportunity to offer you the optimum price-performance for the special requirements of your stamped parts.

We would be pleased to assist you during your project phase.



Basically all parts will be cleaned with a special cleaning system under vacuum in a closed PER system before delivery. Exceptions are parts that must not be cleaned due to customer requirements.


Barrel finishing / Burr

Due to the usage of the latest systems / installations we have the possibility to burr the parts after stamping. Hereto we disposal of specials techniques according to the demands. Consequently we can guarantee you an optimal finishing of the parts.


100% Control

By request we have the option to subject your parts an 100% control. According the geometry the parts may undergo a video or manuel control.

Inside our companies, we have a large number of state-of-the-art selection systems at our disposal, which ensures economic selection.